A Snowy Engagement Session

Do you ever meet someone and immediately think, “yeah I could hangout with them for a full day”… Well this was one of those moments. These two (three) invited me into their home with open arms and it felt like we had been friends for years. Not to mention, I was introduced to their puppy Archie and he stole my heart immediately.

Amanda and Mark have been together for 12 years, from high school to now. They bought their first home (featured here) and started renovating. Feeling like their lives were just a little incomplete, they went out and got themselves the sweetest little fur baby and named him Archie. Though they told me that there is a lot more work to do on their home I couldn’t help but love every aspect of it. During our session, we hung out in their living room, drank beer, played with Archie, watched 90’s music videos then took it outside for a bonfire and snuggles.

Keep scrolling to see the magic even 12 years later.

Megan xo