Four Seasons Claremont Wedding

Danielle and Joel met when she was 16 and he was 18 at a badminton tournament in high school. Danielle noticed him right away and thought he was sooo cute. Her friend at the tournament knew someone that knew Joel so she was able to sneakily find out his name and add him on good ol’ Facebook. She sent him a message, they hung out at the next school tournament and began their relationship.

It’s not often that you marry your first love but for these two they instantly connected and everything was so easy being together. They knew they couldn’t live without one another. How flippin’ sweet is that!?

Joel is definitely one to put in a lot of effort into surprising Danielle. They got engaged at Danielle’s annual family lawn dart tournament. Joel called Danielle’s dad a few weeks beforehand to get permission and let Danielle’s three sisters in on the secret. They had just finished a game of lawn darts and Joel went over to Danielle to give her a hug. He then reached for his pocket and instantly Danielle knew what was happening. In front of 70 people, Joel got down on one knee and asked her to marry him and of course she said YES! Danielle had NO CLUE that he was planning to propose and said she cried like a baby (I mean of course). Now we’re at their wedding reception, everyone sits down and the MC gives a toast only to announce that FRANK SINATRA (Danielle’s all time favourite singer) is in the building! Joel had done it again and surprised his new wifey with a damn good Frank Sinatra impersonator. It was epic and just what this group needed to get the party started! It makes me the happiest little goat when everyone gets on the dance floor and jumps around and that’s exactly what this group did.

Your day was beautiful and the best representation of your goofy love. Thank you for having us!

Second Shooter: Kristina Pickering
Venue: Four Seasons Claremont
Planner: Krystna Black
Dress Designer: David’s Bridal
Groom’s Apparel: Brocanier's Clothing For Men
Music: Filander Lima
Flowers: Metro Cobourg
Catering: Personal Touch Catering & Events
Officiant: Kelly Moores
Hair & Makeup Artist: Hilary Irish
Videographer: Alex Booth

Megan xo