Euro-Trip '17

Back in July 2017 my boyfriend, Justin and I took a trip to Europe. We've been on a few trips together before this one however, this one was our first adventure. We survived 4 countries in 14 days taking a total of 6 airplanes, 3 trains, and 1 bus. 

Our adventure started in Toronto, Ontario and our first stop was Dublin, Ireland. We stayed with an amazing family that helped us get the best out of our two days spent there. We explored Dublin, pub hopped and road bikes through a national park. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, on our bike ride Justin's bike ended up breaking beyond repair. Don't worry, he was fine and managed to get the bike back to it's owner. 

Two days went quick and we were off to Glasgow. Justin is half Scottish so of course we started the day with a traditional Scottish breakfast. Man, those Scotts can eat! We later took a train to Edinburgh where we settled in and quickly took off to explore the town and a wicked Castle. We will definitely be back to check out the countryside!

We jumped on a train and headed to London where our friends had been living at the time. We spent 4 days here pub hopping, eating amazing pizza, meeting awesome people, seeing the sights and drinking wine in an old underground wine cellar. 

A flight took us over to Paris, France where we spent one night and explored the city. We saw Notre Dame, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and of course climbed the Eiffel Tower. However, before visiting the Eiffel Tower we sat and enjoyed wine, cheese and bread. You can't go to France and not have wine and cheese... and for those of you that are judging me right now, yes we absolutely bought macaroons too.

Later that same night we hopped on a bus that would take us to Amsterdam overnight. Due to lack of sleep on the bus, our first day in Amsterdam was spent having a picnic at a park and relaxing. Before heading to the park we picked up the essentials for a wicked picnic; wine, cheese and a baguette - it's really all you need in life. The rest of our time in Amsterdam was spent in and out of CoffeeShops, meeting awesome people and exploring the Red Light District (which was basically like something out of a movie). 

Though not entirely professional as I'm not a videographer and all videos were taken using my cell phone, I really love this video. It's a perfect representation of mine and Justin's relationship as well as our Europe adventure. 

Check out some images from our trip below!

Thanks for looking!