Tented Gatsby Wedding

Let me start out by saying what a wild ride this day was...

A terrible thunderstorm the night before managed to flood ALL of the grass. And when I say flood I mean when you stepped on it water would squish up from under your feet. The groom and his men, being the fine gentlemen that they are, began digging trenches to flow water from the tent into the pond the morning of the wedding. They managed to put down enough flooring so that the guests didn't sink while others were rushing to buy rubber boots for the bride. Though the morning was an unforgettable one everyone managed to keep their cool and the rain even held off. The bride and her ladies got ready and proceeded to the venue where she and her hubby-to-be would have their first look. The men got ready then the ceremony began.

The remainder of the night was perfect and the complications of the morning were quickly lost in the excitement of the evening. We even happened to see a little bit of the sunset.