Daniel & Brittany

I asked this amazing couple to tell me a little bit about how they met and fell in love and they gave me the sweetest and most simplistic answer.

"Dan and I met online on Plenty Of Fish about 5 years ago. We talked for about 3 weeks before going on our first date to Tim Hortons then Wal-Mart. The rest is history."

It's the simple stories of love that pull the strings of any heart. It's meeting someone and immediately feeling comfortable - no fancy date night or private jet to Paris, just love in it's rawest form. Dan and Britt fell in love with each other over coffee and department stores - their love is simple and because of that all they need is each other. 

"I married my best friend and couldn't be happier."

The Dress: White Bridal

The Suit: Moores

The Cake: We Bake Cakes

Venue: Ajax Convention Centre

Second Shooter: Elysia Crawford