Hello There!

My name is Megan. I resonate with goats and I am a wedding and engagement photographer. Believe it or not, I studied Behavioural Science Technology at George Brown College. Why? you ask. I'm freakin' obsessed with human connection! Well, yes and to keep it short, in hopes to learn why people do the things they do. Human behaviour and the connection between two people truly fascinates me. Even before I really knew it myself, I had this passion. Which is why I aim to capture YOU. You heard me. You and your loved one being all goofy and shit. The real, the raw, the playful, the steamy. Wandering, authentic souls are my people and I want your personalities to SHINE ALL OVER MY FACE.

Here are a few things that make M.E, me;

I love coffee (who doesn't).
I stop in my tracks to pet animals.
I have a loud ass laugh (it's more of a cackle).
I have dance parties in my living room... alone.
Alltime favourite TV show? Easy, Friends.

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TRAVEL is my second passion. During my time in College I had the opportunity to travel to Kingston, Jamaica where I taught at an orphanage. Yes, I still totally miss that place.

The experience I had in Jamaica changed my derm life and since then I have fallen in love with exploring. Raise your hand if ya feel me! Being uncomfortable and vulnerable is where we grow and I’m kind of obsessed with proving to myself that I can do things outside my comfort zone. CAN I GET A HELLZ YEAH, LADIES!

Be yourself and be badass because you ARE.



Over here at MEP we’re moody with a vintage edge and take a documentary approach during shoots and weddings. We capture the real moments, little gestures and your badass selves.


Based out of Toronto and the GTA but available worldwide. Please take me with you!

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Travel Schedule 2019

  • Palm Springs, CA - Oct 13-20th

*More locations will be added as they are booked. Chat with me about coming to your hometown, it might just be on my bucket list!*